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10/22 Wed  1:20pm -  2:00pm

Student Committee Meeting

Location: La Madera Elementary Lunch Tables

Contact: Christina Griffin Hull

We need adult assistance in running and managing this program.

10/24 Fri  3:00pm -  3:00pm

Reflections Entries Due

Location: School

Contact: Christine Ledesma

Late entries will NOT be accepted. A completed, signed (by student and parent), entry form (available in office) must be included with your entry or it will be disqualified. 

10/25 Sat 10:00am -  3:00pm

La Madera PTA Annual Carnival and Silent Auction

Location: School

Contact: Jen Bohn

11/08 Sat  9:00am -  4:50pm

Family Portrait Fundraiser

Location: Lake Forest Park

Contact: Christina Griffin Hull

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Reflections Program 2014-15
"The world would be a better place if..."


The Reflections Arts Recognition Program is a national arts recognition and achievement program for students. Since 1969, over 10 million students across the nation have taken part in this popular PTA program.

The excitement and enthusiasm that the program generates for students, parents, schools and communities is unmatched with the majority of California PTAs participating in the program at all PTA levels.

That's why the Reflections Program provides an excellent opportunity for students of all ages to:

  • Unleash their creative talents and be inspired
  • Express themselves imaginatively in their artwork
  • Experience the joy and fun of making art
  • Tap into critical thinking skills to create art inspired by the annual theme
  • Receive positive recognition for their original works of art

As an added bonus, in showcasing and celebrating student talent, the Reflections Program increases community awareness of the importance of the arts in education.


Student Eligibility

Participation in the California Reflections Program is open to all students attending PTA schools that sponsor the program.

Art Areas (6)

To get involved, students submit an original piece, inspired by the annual theme, for their school's Reflections Program in any of following arts areas:

  • Dance Choreography

  • Film Production

  • Literature

  • Music Composition

  • Photography

  • Visual Arts

Divisions (5)

To allow student artworks to be recognized and judged with the appropriate developmental age and skill levels in mind, the Reflections Program is organized by school grade, offering 5 divisions:

  • Primary Preschool-Grade 2
  • Intermediate Grades 3-5
  • Middle/Junior Grades 6-8
  • Senior Grades 9-12
  • Special Artist Non-Graded

Special Artist Division

This year a new division of the Reflections program was introduced the Special Artist Division. This is a non-graded division limited to students whose physical, cognitive or mental health challenges meet the guidelines in the American Disabilities Act.

Qualifying students create their own artwork. But, they may receive non-artistic accommodation and assistance from an adult.

Students who qualify for the Special Artist Division may choose to enter in the traditional four grade divisions.

If this is the case, students will follow all general and arts category rules, but may submit an entry in the grade division most closely aligned to their cognitive or functional abilities. The student is then recognized and awarded as part of the general student population without regard to special needs or challenges.

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